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Traveler 06
Koji Morimoto

Koji Morimoto (Film Director/DJ)
20 years have quickly passed since the legendary music video EXTRA, a collaboration with Ken Ishii (forerunner of Japanese techno), shook the world. Today, Koji Morimoto maintains a wide range of loyal fans from all over the world, and retains an air of mystery much like his creations. Children floating in space, clamor in the back alley, and a moment of eternity flashing amidst a smile and madness.  Piece together the clues scattered about - in the world of Morimoto.

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Traveler 05
Yoshitaka Amano

Yoshitaka Amano (Artist)
Summer 2009. Yoshitaka Amano's DEVA LOKA USA exhibit in San Francisco displayed a never before seen colorful vividness and boldness capturing the onlookers with the daring depiction of the moment of creation, pulling out the definite presence of the infinite power of life. 3 years later, in his new project DEVA ZAN, he challenges himself by trying to create a mythical world that no one has ever seen before. Take a glimpse into the truth of fantasies that only he can see.

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Traveler 04 Katsuhito Ishii

Katsuhito Ishii (Film Director)
Katsuhito Ishii shocked the audience with an animation depicting the brutal past of assassin O-Ren in Kill Bill. With his original storyline for the animation film REDLINE, he went beyond the boundaries of speed with galactic car racing. As a director, he created a cruel yet beautiful hell-like world in the film Smuggler. Let's take a closer look at the source where Director Katsuhito Ishii’s fury and passion all come from.

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Traveler 03
Dice Tsutsumi

Dice Tsutsumi (Art Director)
After working as a concept designer behind the 3D animation of Ice Age and Robots, Dice Tsutsumi was singled-out by Toy Story 3’s director Lee Unkrich to become an art director at Pixar. Outside of his main job, Tsutsumi is also active in an international art charity project called “Sketch Travel.” Here he shares his enchanting story of his journey of destiny that has been weaved together with art.

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Traveler 02 Mamoru Hosoda

Mamoru Hosoda (Film Director)
It is well known that the film Wolf Children takes place in director Mamoru Hosoda's hometown Toyama. Similarly, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2005) took place in West Tokyo and Summer Wars (2008) dipicted Shinshu Ueda, the hometown of his wife, where many tourists visit to see the places introduced in the film. We follow the visions of Mamoru Hosoda, a director who is able to seamlessly weave fantasy into the everyday scenery, and see what he sees through his eyes.

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Traveler 01 Mamoru Oshii

Mamoru Oshii (Film Director)
Mamoru Oshii is a man who began taking karate lessons 7 years ago at a dojo in Nakameguro as a way to stay fit. As a master filmmaker who has created many works around the theme of the borderline between body and spirit, he has begun to think that the concept of “self” is something physical in the body rather than memories in the mind as he has experienced the weakening of the body as one ages. As a man with that outlook, let’s explore what sort of sights he considers memorable.

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